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Yes, it’s a book review and it isn’t Sunday. I’ve just finished reading a great little sci-fi piece from Daniela A Wolfe, and I felt like I needed to share it with you.

Battle for Earth is a futuristic sci-fi in a world where the Earth has been invaded and the human race has been enslaved by aliens. Jellfree finds his whole world turned upside down when his girlfriend turns out to be a member of the resistance and drags him into the fight.

Daniela creates an interesting group of characters to populate her dystopian world, most notably Jellfree and Jayson. These two boys become unwitting hosts for female symbionts, symbionts who require a female host to reproduce. For Jayson, the resulting transformation is a dream come true, for Jellfree…not so much. Especially at it results in the end of his relationship with Kaya, ultra fighting bitch and mother to his unborn child.

The story follows Jayson and Jellfree, now Lily and Lexa, along with their ever shrinking group of resistance fighters as they battle to retake the Earth. There are several beautifully scripted action scenes and some great plot twists as the group reveal secrets about their enemies and themselves. While the end result is as predictable as you would expect from a novel like this, Daniela achieves it in a way that many of her peers would never consider. This alone would make it a book worth reading, but there are so many plus points to it that you’d be a fool not to give it a go.

If I have one criticism of the book, it would be that Daniela misses out on a couple of opportunities to really tug at the readers heartstrings. But as this is an action novel and I’m a romance writer it could just be my own needs colouring my judgement.

Battle for Earth gets a very high end five flags from me and a definite read it for every sci-fi, action or trans reader out there. Best book of 2021…so far.

As always, the book is available to buy on Amazon or you can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. (Find out more.)

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